JQ Extra-Curricular Programs Policy

This policy is intended to set-out the terms of agreement and expectations for all Extra-Curricular Programs (the “Program”) run at Ecole Jules Quesnel Elementary (“JQ”) for the 2017/18 school year. All Extra-Curricular Programs at JQ are required to adhere to the content of this policy, and all associated Extra-Curricular documentation on the JQ PAC website, for all terms or sessions a Program is run at JQ. Failure to abide by these provisions may result in cancellation of a Program by the JQ Admin.

  1. Application Process, Requirements and Inquiries

    1. All Programs, both new and existing, must apply to run a Program at JQ using the application form on the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular webpage (https://jqpac.com/programs/extra-curricular-program-application-process/).
    2. For general application inquiries, including updates on application status, or special requests for room assignments, etc., please send an email to one of the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinators (contact information available on JQ PAC website).
    3. Programs that wish to receive priority consideration to run a Program during a specific term and/or year should submit their completed application form to the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator(s) by the submission deadlines.For Programs commencing in the Fall Term – Deadline is May 1st.
      For Programs commencing in the Winter Term – Deadline is October 1st.

      The JQ PAC welcomes applications from new and returning Programs at any point in time during the school year. While the above deadlines are assigned to allow for new and returning Programs priority for approval, choice of date and room assignments, all Programs are welcome to submit their application after these deadlines have passed. Applications received by the assigned deadlines are given priority consideration for approval, with any applications received following the deadlines receiving consideration on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to availability.

      Any Programs not approved for a given term/session/year will be provided reasons as such and, where appropriate, may be offered a conditional approval to run during a later term or session. Any Programs not approved for a given year will be provided reasons for the denial.

    4. All returning Programs are required to provide the name and contact information for a JQ parent contact. This parent contact will act as the communication liaison between the Program Leader and the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator(s) and/or the JQ Admin for Program requests that may include, but are not limited to, changes occurring during a Program term or session, such as requests to change of room location, change in fee for Program registration, or any other change that requires review and approval by the JQ PAC and JQ Admin. Parent contacts are required to communication with the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator(s) and JQ Admin for all requests of this nature.New Programs to JQ that wish to return to run a Program during a subsequent term/session/year are required to secure a parent contact and provide details on the parent contact information on their application.

      The benefit of having a JQ parent contact is that they can help generate interest in the Program through discussion with other parents. If their child(ren) have participated in the Program (either prior to the Program running at JQ or during an existing term/session/year), they can also act as a reference for a subsequent application.

    5. All new and returning Programs must provide at least two (2) emergency contact names and phone numbers. This information is used by the JQ Admin to connect with the Program Leader and/or a volunteer or staff member of the Program in the event of an emergency.
    6. All new and existing Programs must provide valid Criminal Record Checks for the Program Leader, and any and all parent or Program volunteers or facilitators. Programs wishing to bring in additional parent and/or Program volunteers or facilitators after the commencement of a Program term/session are required to submit Criminal Record Checks for all of those persons prior to those individuals being permitted to work with the JQ students registered in the Program term/session.No Program will be approved until all required Criminal Record Checks are received.

      For information on how to obtain a Criminal Record Check:

      Click on the link below, enter the access code and follow the instructions. https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/
      Access Code: RQJSLQVMSY

    7. All new and returning Extra-Curricular Programs must complete and submit the VSB Licensing Agreement, and pay the appropriate fees, for rental of the room space. This agreement must be completed as soon as possible after a Program has received confirmation of its approval status from the JQ Admin and JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator(s). Programs must also submit a copy of their completed licensing agreement to the JQ Admin (via the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator) for reference and filing purposes. Programs are responsible for, and must maintain, all rights needed for production and delivery of the Program, and are required to comply in all respects with any License Agreement related to such rights.The information contained in the licensing agreement submitted to JQ Admin will remain confidential with the JQ Admin, and only used for the intended purposes for rental of the school room space. This agreement also ensures that liability coverage for all Programs run at JQ is in place prior to the commencement of a Program term/session.

      NOTE: Failure to comply with the terms of a licensing agreement may result in cancellation of the Program at JQ.

    8. All new and returning Programs are required to obtain signed copies of any media, video, photography, etc. consent from all parents/guardians of each Program participant prior to the commencement of the Program term or session, and provide a copy of the consent document used for this purpose to the JQ Admin.
    9. JQ, the JQ PAC and the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator(s) will have no responsibility for any financial costs or other liability of any kind associated with the Program.
    10. All applications received by the assigned deadline should receive an update on their status within 4-6 weeks.A delay in notification could arise if additional information is required from a Program for processing, if we are waiting on completed Criminal Record Checks, or if an application is received after the deadline. We ask that Programs allow for the initial 4-6 week period to pass before contacting an Extra-Curricular Coordinator for an update.
    11. The space to be provided to an Extra-Curricular Program is assigned at the discretion of the JQ Principal, and based on availability. While Programs are encouraged to submit special requests for room space, the JQ Admin and JQ PAC cannot guarantee approval will be possible for these requests. Any concerns regarding assigned rooms for approved Programs should be communicated to the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator.
  2. Registration Requirements and Restrictions

    2. All new and returning Programs must disclose the full cost of each Program, per child/registration, for each term(s) they are applying for. The cost must reflect total cost, per child, for the entire term.If Program fees change, or a Program intends to charge additional fees over and above the registration cost, at any point in time during a given term or session, this change must be communicated by the Program Leader to the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator(s) and all parents of children registered in the Program prior to implementation of the change to current or potential registrants. If a change in fees is known to a Program during the application process, this information must be stated clearly in the application.

      It is also expected that the Program Leader clearly communicate all fees, including any changes to fees, to the JQ parent contact listed in their application (or secured during the term/session if a new Program) and to all parents of children registered in the Program as soon as possible, and before the change is applied. This information should also appear in any and all materials submitted by the Program to the JQ PAC for posting on the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular website including, but not limited to, brochures, flyers, description, and poster materials provided to JQ PAC for posting on the JQ website, and at the time of registration. This is to ensure that all parents registering their child in a Program have clarity on the costs associated with participating in the Program.

  3. Programs at JQ

    1. At the commencement of each Program term/session, the Program Leader must deliver to Elizabeth Toone, JQ Office Administrative Assistant (etoone@vsb.bc.ca), a complete list of all JQ students registered in the Program term/session, with full student names and parent contact information included in the list. Program Leaders are expected to maintain up-to-date contact and registration information for JQ students enrolled in the Program, and are required to promptly submit any changes to contact and/or registrant information to Elizabeth Toone.
    2. All Program Leaders for each Program run at JQ, for each term or session, are responsible for ensuring all Program participants are picked up at the end of each program, and are not permitted to leave JQ until such time as all Program participants are picked up by their designated adult/parent/guardian, etc. All Program Leaders are responsible for verifying what individuals are permitted to pick-up a Program participant.
    3. All Programs are required to inform all parents/guardians of each Program participant, at the commencement of each term or session, that all communication from a parent or guardian regarding a Program participant’s absence on a given day must be sent directly to the Program Leader or Program volunteer.
    4. It is the responsibility of the Program Leaders of each Program to arrange for update email notifications to be sent by the JQ PAC at the commencement of a new term/session. The JQ PAC will include links to the Extra-Curricular Program webpage on the JQ PAC website in newsletters. If you would like an email notification sent separate and apart from the standard link, and/or require website information about your Program to be updated, please send a request to a JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator as soon as possible, and preferably at least TWO WEEKS prior to the date on which you would like the email sent. This is especially recommended for Programs continuing after the Winter Break. Please also attach any new website documents/posters, along with the content for your update, in your request. Requests will then be reviewed and forwarded to the JQ PAC for approval and posting.
    5. It is the responsibility of the Program Coordinators to arrange for registration forms and/or brochure materials to be printed and delivered to students and/or parents.Neither the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinators nor the JQ PAC or JQ Admin are responsible for printing and/or distribution of Program flyers, brochures or posters. The JQ PAC does designate file slots for all JQ Extra-Curricular Programs on the table outside the main office, on the main floor of the school. Programs are welcome and encouraged to use the designated slots for this purpose, and/or connect with the office to post brochures, flyers, and/or posters in designated areas in the school. There will also be a bulletin board where Programs can post their flyers/posters for advertising purposes, immediately above the table.

      The JQ PAC will also create a calendar page, to be posted outside the main office window, indicating the room location for all Extra-Curricular Programs. Any room changes made by the JQ Admin and/or JQ PAC will be updated by a member of the JQ Admin or JQ PAC. Any changes to rooms by Program Leaders (at the request of JQ Admin or JQ PAC) must be indicated on this calendar when the Program Leader arrives on their designated day(s) of the week, and prior to commencement of the Program start time. This is to ensure parents who are picking up and/or wanting to confirm the location of their child can do so easily.

      NOTE: Neither JQ Admin, JQ PAC, nor JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Program Coordinator(s) are responsible for editing, proofreading, or modifying the content of advertisements or promotional materials for Programs. All advertising, including printing and posting of information (with exception to JQ PAC website content), is the responsibility of the Program Leader.

    6. No Programs will require students to leave during regular class instructional time, for any purpose related to the Program, without prior approval from the JQ Principal and the classroom teacher of such student.
    7. At any point in time during a term or session that a Program is running at JQ, the JQ Admin and JQ PAC reserve the right to review a Program. Unless an early review in the beginning or middle of a term or session is required, this review will take place towards the end of a Program term or session, and include, but not be limited to, an assessment of the following criteria:
      1. Enrolment numbers;
      2. Student interest;
      3. Parent and/or student complaints (see (f) below);
      4. Program compliance with JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Policy, Application (criteria and process), and/or compliance with VSB Licensing Agreement terms;
      5. Any changes made during a term or session to a program; and
      6. Any other criteria relevant to the running of JQ Extra-Curricular Programs at JQ,

      (the “Assessment”).
      This Assessment will be conducted for all new and returning programs, as a way for the JQ Admin to ensure Programs are complying with applicable policy and licensing requirements, but also to ensure the Programs continue to fit the model of the JQ Extra-Curricular Program design. If, upon completion of the Assessment, the JQ Admin has any concerns with a Program moving forward into a new term or session, the JQ Admin will send notification to the Program (via the JQ PAC or JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator(s)) for a meeting request to discuss the concerns, and the required solution.

    8. All Programs run at JQ under the Extra-Curricular Program model are independent and separate from JQ, JQ Admin, JQ PAC, and JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator(s). As such, all Programs are required to instruct registrants, and parents of registrants, to direct any and all complaints about an Extra-Curricular Program run at JQ, unless they are concerns of a serious nature including, but not limited to, safety of students registered and/or JQ property, to the Program Leader for resolution. Where no resolution can be reached, the Program Leader and individual(s) submitting the complaint are required to make an appointment with the JQ Admin and JQ PAC for discussion around possible resolution.
  4. General

    1. All Programs that intend to run a Program at JQ for the 2017/2018 year, for any term or session, are expected to review the following documents, including this policy, and provide confirmation of their agreement with the contents of all of the following:
      1. JQ Extra-Curricular Program Policy — 2017/2018;
      2. JQ Extra-Curricular FAQ Document — 2017/2018;
      3. JQ Extra-Curricular Application — 2017/2018; and
      4. JQ Extra-Curricular Application Process Document.
    2. All Programs acknowledge that this policy document, and other JQ Extra-Curricular process, application, FAQ and other information, may change from time to time. All Programs will be notified by the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator of any and all changes as soon as they are made available. All Programs currently (or intending to) run a Program at JQ will be required to review, sign and return an updated acknowledgement to the new terms. Any questions or concerns regarding changes are welcome, and can be forwarded to the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator for follow-up, or to arrange a meeting with JQ Admin, if required.

Please indicate                                               (Program name) agreement with the terms of this letter by signing and returning a copy to the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator.


Signature of Program Leader                                     PRINT NAME

                                                                                                                                                Signature of Program Owner                                     PRINT NAME

(If different than Program Leader)