Musical Theatre – Beauty & The Beast

JQ Musical Theatre (2017-18)
Director Colleen Cotton

Beauty & the Beast
(2 shows, 2 casts)

Performances – June 21st (Thursday HOLLYWOOD) & June 22nd (Friday BROADWAY) 2018,  Lord Byng Theatre


Tickets for the show:

  • Each family of a child performing in the show will receive 2 free tickets for the night of their choice.
  • Additional tickets for family members and friends and fans are $10 adults and $5 children.
  • On sale via Eventbrite
    (Additional fee charged if you book on-line  +$0.57 for $5 Child = $5.57  Tickets, +$1.32 for $10 Adult ticket = $11.32 )
  • on sale after school on Monday 18th June, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th, as well as on the door.

Rehearsal Info

(Fridays 3-5 PM)
Location Notes
Wednesdays 3-4 extra rehearsals – with principals (Belle, Beast, Maurice, Gaston, Lefou

Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Babette, Mme de la Grande Bouche, Chip, Silly Girls)
May 25 entire cast
June 1 entire cast
June 8 entire cast 
June 15 entire cast
June 18 Mon. Mandatory extra rehearsal
June 19 Tues. Mandatory extra rehearsal
June 20 Wed. Mandatory extra rehearsal

Message to Parents

  • Our goal is to promote confidence and personal growth in children by taking them through an entire theatre/production process. Our goal is to build self-confidence, self-discipline and responsibility. We ask the participants to respect the entire process. Every aspect is integral to the production, whether the role is small or large, or whether the student is assisting behind the scenes.
  • Theatre is about community and every cast and crew member is important to the final production. We recognize how important this experience is to you and your child and we will respect them and give them our very best! Most importantly, encourage your child to have fun and enjoy watching them grow in this experience.
  • The casts will be fluid i.e. once we get started it might be evident that some cast members will need to switch casts while keeping their same part. This can happen for any number of reasons, for example height balance or vocal balance. So please encourage your child to be flexible.

Costume Info

Everyone will be provided a costume. Everyone needs to :

  • wear a white tank top and a pair of shorts so that costume changes are easy.
  • wear a pair of black, flat, soft soled shoes. (I have a number of jazz shoes but not enough for everyone. If your child has not found a pair that fits during their costume fitting you need to shop for shoes.)


Covered by Program fees.


Rehearsals – Fridays 3:15 – 5 PM (Starting in Sept – see Rehearsal Info); Crew Jan-June

Audition InfoAudition Signup Sheet

Media Release Authorisation

In order for the members of the cast and crew to be photographed and video recorded for the purpose of distributing to their respected parents and guardians, please complete the media release form and return it to the Production Director, Colleen Cotton.

Expectations for the year:

  • That you give the JQ Musical Theatre project first place in your plans for Friday’s from 3-5.
  • If you have to miss a rehearsal you MUST let me know via email. My email address is
  • If you have an emergency on a rehearsal day please call Sian’s cell.

Please do not miss a rehearsal without letting Colleen know.

  • There are also rules about where you can be during the rehearsals.
  • No students are allowed to wander through the school or be outside without permission. This is a safety issue and the rules are firm.
  • Please come with a snack and water on Friday’s.
  • Please bring along quiet work. There may be times where you have to wait to rehearse your part. It is important you have something to do.
  • If you are not called to a rehearsal you are still very welcome to attend. The more you know about the show and everything that is happening the better. You will be an even better performer!!
  • Please remember to put your name in your script and remember to bring a pencil and highlighter to each rehearsal.


  • Cast (Sept – June) = $400; Refunds up until Sept. 28, 2017
  • Crew (Jan. – June) = $200 Payment Deadline – Oct. 31, 2017

Two free tickets/student (for either night, or one for both)


We recognise families may not be able to afford some or all of the fees associated with participation in the Musical Theatre Programme. No student should be denied an opportunity to participate because of financial hardship.   Parents and guardians unable to pay some or all of the production fee are invited to complete the bursary application form and submit it to Colleen Cotton, Production Director or the JQ PAC Chair.

Stage Crew Info

Proposed plans for the Stage Crew:

  • There will be a Technical advisor exclusive to the stage crew
  • Tours of 2 or 3 theatres and scene shops
  • Opportunities for some set and prop construction
  • Costumes and make-up
  • Involvement with sound and lights
  • Running crew for the rehearsals and performances
  • Other opportunities as they ariseThe minimum number required for stage crew is 6 participants.

JQ Parent Coordinator: Sian Blyth

Page last updated: April 10, 2018