Guitar Classes (Extra-Curricular)

Grades 4-7! 

Fall Term

  • Beginner guitar – September 21 – November 16 (9 classes)
    Advanced – September 22-November 17 (9 classes)

These classes are for students in Gr 4-7 who are interested in beginning, or continuing guitar lessons. Students need to have a guitar at home.


The guitar classes are focused on what the students know, meaning, what they are listening to, and/or what is currently ‘popular’ on the radio or in movies. The class chooses 4-6 songs that they want to learn. Then they are taught how to strum the chords and pick the melodies and riffs, that go with the songs.  Students are encouraged to sing along while strumming. This both speeds up the learning process and increases the enjoyment potential! Students will also learn how to create their own melodies and/or riffs, and we will do a group songwriting, and recording session, as well.

Beginner guitar class is for students in Gr 4-7 who are interested in beginning, or continuing, guitar lessons. It is recommended that the students have a guitar at home to practice the concepts during the week.

Advanced guitar lessons are for students that have either taken lessons before and/or have a good grasp of how to read tablature, and know how to play the advanced chords. Students in the Advanced class can also be recommended by me, Iain McLaren, or one of their classroom teachers.

Instructor: Iain McLaren

Iain has been teaching guitar to youth for 15 years – teaching guitar at JQ for 3 years. Students learn fun and catchy popular songs as well as, how to strum, pick, sing and play, and read music notation. Iain is a music teacher at Choice School, and a private guitar teacher at West Point Grey Community Centre. Iain is also an accomplished composer, videographer and piano player. He can be reached at if you have any questions.


JQ Guitar 2016 Sept Registration Form

Please complete this Registration Form and place in the file outside the office by September 19th. The selection process is a lottery system wherein forms will be gathered, and nine students (per class) will be chosen to take the fall session of both the Beginner and Advanced classes. You will receive an email, or phone call, by the evening of September 20th, if your child’s name has been chosen.

Last Year’s Rock Band – Eleven Dimensions

IMG_64492015-2016 Eleven Dimensions JQ Student Pop/Rock Band played at the June 2, 2016 Bike To School Week celebration – featuring 7 JQ students performing songs with drums, electric guitars, electric bass, keyboards and vocals.


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