Extra-Curricular Programs Application Process

Before submitting an application to run a program at JQ, please review the application process and guideline materials (available on the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Application Process web page).

Below is an outline of the process. If there is something you would like to know that is not covered here, please visit the FAQ section on the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular website. If you are unable to find the information on our FAQ page, please feel free to email one of our Extra-Curricular Coordinators who would be happy to assist you.

Step 1 – Connect with a JQ Parent

While you are not required to have a JQ parent to run a program at the school, the majority of JQ Extra-Curricular programs find great benefit in connecting with a JQ parent who has either had their child participate in the program previously, or who shares an interest in having the activity brought to the school. The JQ parent can sometimes help get the word around to other parents as a way of surveying interest in the particular program, as well as act as facilitator for the after-school sessions.

NOTE: All program coordinators, leaders, and/or parent volunteers must provide current Criminal Record Checks to participate or facilitate any JQ Extra-Curricular Program.

Step 2 – Read and review the Application Process Materials, Guidelines and Policy

Extra-Curricular Programs run at JQ are offered to create opportunities for all interested members of the JQ community to participate. As such, it is expected that programs review and agree to abide by the Extra-Curricular Process Guidelines, Policies and application process. These materials are developed to provide clarity and information on how to successfully run a program at JQ. They are also used by the JQ Admin when making decisions about eligibility and approval criteria for new and existing programs.

NOTE: Materials are updated throughout the year, with notification sent to all current programs. It is expected that all programs will review amendments as soon as possible, and at the start of each term. Programs should also contact an Extra-Curricular Coordinator for questions or clarification. If, at any point, JQ Admin identifies that an Extra-Curricular Program running at JQ has failed to abide by the stated guidelines, policies and process, or is in violation of any rules or policies for the school in general, a program leader may be required to meet with the JQ Admin for review.

Step 3 – Complete and submit an Application Form

Extra-Curricular Coordinators are volunteers of the PAC Exec, and often are balancing needs from work, family, and other commitments. As such, and to minimize back-and-forth communications, all new and existing programs are expected to use the application form provided on the JQ PAC Extra-Curricular web page. Please ensure your application is complete, and indicate which term(s) you are applying for, and submit the application by the appropriate deadline.

  • For programs starting in September/Fall Term – Application deadline – May 1st
  • For programs starting in January/Winter Term – Application deadline – October 1st

Step 4 – Meet with JQ Administrative Staff

As part of the approval process, programs may be required to meet with the JQ Principal or Vice Principal, the PAC Chair or Vice-Chair, and a PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator. During this meeting the program will be reviewed, and the Program Leader will be asked clarification questions to complete the review process. If a meeting is requested, an Extra-Curricular Coordinator will contact you after you submit your application to arrange a time and date for the meeting.

Step 5 – Receive decision

Notification of your application status will be sent out via email, approximately 4-6 weeks after an application is submitted. Programs may be asked to submit additional information during this period to facilitate a decision on their application. If an application is not approved, reasons will be provided by the JQ Admin. Programs have the option to submit a new application for the following term/year.

Step 6 – Sign Policy Acknowledgement and Reply to the decision

If you are approved at the initial review stage, all programs are required to contact the Extra-Curricular Coordinator to confirm their acceptance of the space offered within two weeks of the approval notification being sent. This communication also requires submission of the Programs acknowledgement of review of all JQ Extra-Curricular Policy, FAQ, and Application Process materials.

If no confirmation is received within this first timeframe, a final email notification will be sent. If no confirmation to the final notification is received within one week, the program status will change to ‘Not Approved’, and the space will be offered to the next eligible program.

If your program is not granted approval to run for a given term/year, and you would like clarification on the reasons provided for the refusal, please send an email to an Extra-Curricular Coordinator who will arrange a meeting with the JQ Admin staff and PAC Chair.

Step 7 – Approved – Submit Criminal Record Checks and Copy of Licensing Agreement

All approved programs are given initial approval conditional upon receipt of both valid and current criminal record checks and a copy of the licensing agreement.

All individuals who run and facilitate programs at the school, including any assistant teachers/leaders, parent volunteers, etc., must undergo a Criminal Record Check. This process must be initiated and completed by the applicant, at their own cost. This should be arranged immediately following approval notification, to avoid delay in processing times. No applications will be given final approval status until all approved Criminal Record Checks and copy of licensing agreement is received.

If a program has not submitted the above required information within three weeks of being approved, they will be contacted by the JQ Admin for follow-up information. If the information is not received within two weeks from contact date, the program’s status will be changed to ‘Not Approved’, with their space offered to the next eligible applicant.

Step 8 – Submit flyer and information for JQ PAC Website

Once a program is approved, and all requisite information and documentation is received by the JQ Admin, programs are asked to submit a program flyer or brochure, and a brief summary about the program, to be included on the JQ PAC website. You should include a summary of the program, with dates, age/grade level, cost (all required fees for the term/year), and registration instructions.

Step 9 – Attend the First Day and Welcome Back BBQ

All Programs are invited to attend the First Day of School to set–up an information table for incoming and returning JQ students and families. This is a great opportunity for programs to introduce the content of each program offered, and perhaps obtain early registrants. Programs are also invited to attend the ‘Welcome Back’ BBQ in early September. Returning or new programs starting in September/Fall may wish to set-up an information table at this event, so parents and children can ask questions. Please contact the PAC Chair and JQ PAC Extra-Curricular Coordinator in mid-August to make arrangements for your table.


Step 10 – Registration and START!

Gather the registrations from students and get started!

I,                                                   , as owner/agent/representative of                                                                                 (program and company name) acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the application process listed on pages 1 to 3 of this document.





Page last updated: August 2, 2017