Musical Theatre – Annie


Annie = Musical Theatre (2016-17)
Choir Director Colleen Cotton

Performances –  Thursday June 15 & Friday, June 16
(2 shows, 2 casts)

Ticket info will be posted on the Annie – JQ Event webpage.

Rehearsals (Fridays and Wednesdays)

As you can imagine all rehearsals are important right now. We are in the home stretch. Please try and make sure your child attends every rehearsal. Also, please make sure your child is confident with his or her lines. Extra rehearsals are being held on Wednesday afternoons from 3-5. (not every child will be able to attend but if they can that would be very helpful!)

Friday May 26 Rehearsal

  • We will be doing a run-through with each cast.
  • Also, every student must check that their name and character is correct for the programme.

Annie Jr. performances are fast approaching.  The Broadway Cast will perform on Thursday, June 15 and the Hollywood Cast will perform on Friday, June 16. Curtain at 7pm. Call time for all actors will be at 5pm. Please remember everyone is in both shows.

Final Friday Rehearsal  – Friday, June 9

  • Lord Byng stage
  • 3-6pm  –  to practise with the microphones for the first time.

Dress Rehearsals, Lord Byng stage (June 12, 13, 14).

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (June 12, 13, 14).
  • 3- 6:30pm. That will allow both casts to rehearse their performance each day.
  • These rehearsals are mandatory.

Costume Info

Everyone should now have a costume. If your child has not been to a costume fitting please ask them to see me as soon as possible. Everyone needs to :

  • wear a white tank top and a pair of shorts so that costume changes are easy.
  • wear a pair of black, flat, soft soled shoes. (I have a number of jazz shoes but not enough for everyone. If your child has not found a pair that fits during their costume fitting you need to shop for shoes.)


I have my orphan beds and the pails.

Still needed:

  • some old sheets
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • 2 old-style wooden tables. One has to be sturdy enough for a student to dance on. The size can be 3×3; 3×4; 3×5 or whatever you have in that range.

Expectations for the year:

  • That you give the Annie Jr. project first place in your plans for Friday’s from 3-5.
  • If you have to miss a rehearsal you MUST let me know via email. My email address is
  • If you have an emergency on a rehearsal day please call Doris’ cell 778-895-7533.

Please do not miss a rehearsal without letting Colleen know.

  • There are also rules about where you can be during the rehearsals.
  • No students are allowed to wander through the school or be outside without permission. This is a safety issue and the rules are firm.
  • Please come with a snack and water on Friday’s.
  • Please bring along quiet work. There may be times where you have to wait to rehearse your part. It is important you have something to do.
  • If you are not called to a rehearsal you are still very welcome to attend. The more you know about the show and everything that is happening the better. You will be an even better performer!!
  • Please remember to put your name in your script and remember to bring a pencil and highlighter to each rehearsal.


Participation Fee (Sept – June) = $400 from September to June, with 2 performances in June 2017.


Program Coordinator: Doris Anderson

page last updated: May 26, 2017