Hot Lunch/Pizza

Hot Lunch

The Hot Lunch Program is a healthy, nutritious program provided by C’est mon Cafe and available to all students each Monday and Wednesday at Jules Quesnel. Coordinated by Grade 7 parents (till March each year, then handed over to the next Grade 6 parents) as a fundraiser for the Senior Trips.

  • Catered lunches – Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Different, yummy options each week, ranging from “Mac and Cheese” to “Kid- Friendly Butter Chicken” (there will always be a vegetarian choice)
  • Meals are presented in reusable containers to minimize waste
  • Order online through See INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)
  • Payments are made online through Paypal (no paypal account is needed )
  • Deadline for ordering is the day before at 3:00 pm

Review the guidelines and example on the C’est mon Cafe webpage BEFORE you make any online payments, please.  Steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 for inputting the student information are very important to ensure that your child receives the meal that you have ordered for him/her.

At the PayPal’s Check-Out screen, please do NOT check out right away ….. after you have selected the Division/Grade (see here  if you don’t know your child’s Division) and entered the student name (Step 1-3).

You need to click “Continue Shopping” to go back and select the lunch meals (Step 4).

This will minimize the following problems:

  1. asking the school secretary and hot lunch coordinator to trace any student records for lunch slip printing,
  2. arranging refund envelopes to students who receive NO lunch meals because of online ordering mistakes
  3. Paying extra PayPal administrative charges for each of the payment transaction

Volunteers for Hot Lunch Fall 2017Please sign up here

JQ Pizza Fridays

Please help support this yummy fundraiser for our Class of 2018, where JQ kids have an opportunity to indulge in hot slices of pizza to cap off the school week!

We have a new easy-to-use website that allows you to order one day at a time or straight through until the Summer Break. Order 1, 2, 3 or 4 slices at a time on multiple orders – siblings can also easily go on the same transaction.  Or try our Birthday Pizza Special:  If you’d like to celebrate your child’s birthday with a round for his/her class – 2 pizza pies containing 32 half slices – complete with candles and a chorus of ‘Bonne Fete!’ you can place those orders here too!

Deadline for ordering is Thursday 12:00 noon before that week’s Friday Pizza Lunch. Order Button below – although a Paypal account is not required.  You will need your Child’s Name, Div No (see below), Grade and a Credit Card.  *Since this is a fundraiser, please understand that we will be observing a strict No Refunds policy.*  So please take note of potential field trips and other special event clashes before placing your order.

This program is being run by Grade 7 families to support their Grade 7 trip next year.  But should any parent from other grades want to be part of this fun Friday event and ‘get a slice’ of what their kids are up to, we would love to see you… occasionally or as often as you like…. In and out in 40 minutes!  Just sign up here – Ideally we need at least 5-6 volunteers each week:

Volunteers for Pizza Lunch Fall 2017Please sign up here

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thanks so much for helping to support this popular tradition – we couldn’t do it without you!

The Hot Lunch program is coordinated by Grade 7 parents (until Spring Break 2018) as a fundraiser for the Senior Trip.

Volunteer Coordinators (Gr 7 Parents)

Hot Lunches
Pizza Lunch


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