JQ Family Fun Swim Night (Gr 4-7)

Saturday February 3, 2018
5:00 – 6:00 PM
Lord Byng Pool

JQ PAC is pleased to Sponsor a FREE Family Swim Night for students in grades 4-7 (and their families). 

 Saturday February 3rd, from 5:00-6:00 at Lord Byng Pool.  

The facility will be staffed to allow a maximum of 120 people. 

Please sign up at the following link:

sign up here

Please note that the rules for parent supervision have changed slightly from previous years:

  1. Children under age 8 will need an adult within arms reach.  No more than 5 such children per one adult.
  2. Children 8 and older will need an adult supervisor who is in the water per 10 kids in the water.  If kids are in the hot tub or steam room same thing.  
  3. The maximum number of people allowed in the building (including the lobby) is 120.
  4. No mermaid tails or glass please
  5. No food or drink on deck

This is a PAC-sponsored event for student in grades 4-7  and their families. There will be a different fun event for Students in K-3 in the spring!  If you have any questions, contact Andrea Tucakov (Matti gr. 4) at atucakov@gmail.com.



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