QEA – Save Queen Elizabeth Annex

The Vancouver Board of Education is discussing the potential closure of Queen Elizabeth Annex.  The public can offer feedback during the consultation process.  Please come to the public consultation meeting regarding the proposed closure of Queen Elizabeth Annex on November 3rd at 5:00 pm at Lord Byng Secondary School. 

Please come to the meeting to share information.
See QEA Public Consultation Notice 2016

Several members of the community attended several meetings in 2009 and we were successful in saving QEA from closure. 

INFO NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED.  For example. If one were to pick up this bar graph, knowing nothing of the school’s history, you would assume that interest in french immersion dropped by 45%.  Not true. QEA is in fact AT FULL CAPACITY.  Just another example where reported numbers don’t tell the whole story.


  • In 2010 there was a waitlist of 60 children for Kindergarten at the Annex.
  • QEA-JQ has a combined waitlist of 120 students.
  • QEA is limited to one class per grade at QEA because there historically has not been enough capacity to take another grade 4 division at JQ.
  • Due to the cap on class size at QEA can accommodate 94 students (K-22, grades 1-3 – 24, 24, 24 = 94)

The QEA administrative report shows 45% enrollment declines from 2006-2015,  but that includes years in which there was an English stream at the Annex (which is not explicit at all in the report).  When the Board announced that English stream would no longer be offered at the QEA in 2009, which resulted in a marked reduction in English stream enrollment in 2010 because people fled the school to get their kids into QE Main school because there weren’t enough spaces for all the QEA kids.  In 2010 there were a few grade 2 English-stream students left.  Despite their previous commitment to parents that English stream kids could stay at the Annex until the end of grade 3, a deal was made to move them to QE Main.  Hence, enrollment droped further in 2011 because  only 4 divisions of French immersion are allowed to be at the Annex.


QEA is an Annex to JQ and QEA numbers eventually trickle down to JQ numbers, so please support our Annex and sign the petition.

Petition to Save Queen Elizabeth Annex (QEA) : https://www.change.org/p/vancouver-school-board-save-queen-elizabeth-annex-and-support-public-education-in-british-columbia

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