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The JQ PAC Executive works to enrich our children’s experience at school through the funds donated to the direct donation campaign – by you, the parents.  The PAC, students, and teachers all appreciate your generosity and support of JQ’s kids!

The suggested donation is $100 per student.

All donations over $25 are eligible for a charitable tax receipt from the Vancouver School Board.

If you prefer to hand in your donation, you can use the JQ Direct Donation Form.

Please refer to the 2017-18 Budget for details of where the funds from this year’s campaign will be allocated.

The PAC’s major goals this year are:

  1. Continuing support of community events that include the whole school.
  2. Continuing support and development of fine arts with music, photography and drama enrichment
  3. Continuing support for sports
  4. Completing our technology purchases, continuing support and recognition plaque
  5. Completing playground improvement

To make your donation as easy as possible, we have provided 2 options:

  • Write a cheque (using the JQ Direct Donation Form Form).    Cheques are payable to Ecole Jules Quesnel PAC and may be post-dated up to Dec. 15, 2017 to accommodate the needs of each individual family.
  • or donate online through PayPal

Direction Donation is another way to be part of our JQ community: we are hoping for 100% participation this year, so please show your support in whatever way you can!

Please email PAC executive with any questions. ( )

Page last updated: September 26, 2017