Kids Art Cards 2017

Personalized greeting cards & gifts made by your child 

SAMPLE CARDS are coming home…

Your child has created an artwork in class, now scanned and printed onto a sample card to be brought home for you to see.   

You can now celebrate and share your child’s art with friends and family by purchasing box sets, plaques, puzzles – and new this year – phone cases.  These all make great gifts and will be delivered to the school in time for the holidays.

Check your child’s backpacks this week (November 6-9) for their Art Card sample.  Order your items as follows – it is 2-step process:

  1. Follow the instructions inside the card.  Go to the Art Cards by Kids website to order the items you would like to purchase by Sunday, November 19
  2. Use your Order Summary as a reference and pay for your order on our PAC online ordering page: by Monday, November 20

order items at this link by Sunday, November 19 (by midnight)
payment must received by Monday, November 20 (by 3:15 pm) – pay online here

If you have questions, please contact Sandy at sandyfang [at]

NOTE – it is easiest for us to track orders and payments when families follow the 2-steps above and pay through our online ordering site.   If you need to pay by cheque you must include your your Order Summary and add your Child’s name, division and RED Code in the memo. Cheque payment made out to “2018 Senior Trip” with order summaries can be dropped off in the envelope outside the Office.  

Thank you for supporting this initiative!  


More about Art Cards at JQ

Our kids will once again be creating individual works of art in the coming weeks.   Some divisions will take this on as a class project.  For those that don’t kids will be able to bring home a template and create their own art at home.

Artwork will be completed in late October and shortly after you will be able to order online.  In addition to greeting cards, your child’s art will be available as plaques or puzzles and will be delivered to JQ well before the holiday season.

Creative ideas to explore with your child:

  • Holiday cards – to send to family and friends
  • Thank you cards
  • Personal art or famous artist interpretations
  • Get well wishes
  • Birthday cards

You will have a chance to purchase your cards for your own use – or in box sets to give as gifts for family and friends.

Card Box Sets:
– 8 cards / $17.00
– 12 cards / $26.00
– 24 cards / $45.00
– 36 cards / $65.00
– 48 cards / $83.00
– 60 cards / $103.00

Puzzles — $16.50 each
Plaques — $27.50 each
Phone cases — $32.50 each

Visit  for more information and to view samples.

Questions?  Contact our parent leads – Isabeau (IsabeauIqbal [at]  or Sandy (SandyFang [at]


– another fundraiser for Grade 7 Senior Trips. Our senior class of 2017 thanks you for your help in making this fund raising program a success!

Last updated: November 10, 2017